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How do I qualify to receive a free web site?

Your service or products should be for women in any industry. For example, you may have a beauty salon for women or sell women beauty supplies.

Do I have to be a business owner to get a free web site?

No, you don't have to be a business owner. In fact, you may be a professional who work for a company such as a sales person and your clients are women.

Do you offer free web sites in foreign languages?

  • Yes, we offer free web sites in Arabic language. To view examples, please click on Samples.
  • To find out if we build a web site in other foreign languages, please send your question by E. Mail to : womenquestions@yahoo.com

I have a web site for my business, so can I get a  free web site?

Yes, you can. In fact, The free web site we build for you is a traffic web site.

So, even if you have a web site, you should request this free traffic web site which bring you more clients. Also, there is no law which limit you to one web site.

What are the restrictions on receiving a free web site?

We do not design free web sites for the following categories:

  • Religious
  • Political
  • Pornographic
  • Hate web sites

What are my benefits from participating in this plan:

  1. Free web site + free web site hosting (value $250) for life.
  2. Your free web site will be under your name or your business name.
    Please view samples, below.
  3. Your free web site will be submitted for registration at Google.
  4. Samples:
    Your business will receive referrals to clients from other business owners and professionals registered at this plan. Please see:
  5. Candidates who are approved for this plan are likely to receive a large increase in their annual incomes.


Important Notes: 

  • We will never ask you to pay any fees. So, if you receive such a request in the future, do not pay anything and kindly forward the request back to us.

Samples of women 
who qualify to receive free web sites





  • Professionals who sell beauty and wellness products to women.
  • Professionals who are make-up artists and work on women.
  • Therapists (physical, occupational... etc.) who have women client base.
  • Photographers who specialize in weddings and related women services.
  • Salon plus spa owners and their staff who have a women client base.
  • Beauticians, estheticians and cosmetologists who have a women client base.
  • Fashion consultants who work  in women fashion industry
  • Professionals who perform services or sell products to women in their communities.

How to request your free web site:

Register on line: Please click on  Registration Form

About us, International Women Beauty Consultants (IWBC):

Iwbc help women to find women specialists and help women business owners and professionals to get more clients. Additionally, our sister company DMS offer free consultation to women for marketing their businesses.

Please send your questions to:  womenquestions@yahoo.com

In fact, DMS have been in business for 20 years, and own Consultants Institute. Also,  DMS own and manage 17 directories and built over 1,000 web sites. To view our main index of directories, please click on Directories.  Also, see our Clients Recommendations.

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